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Who We Are

The Queens RAIL and WAY  (QRW) is a newly formed, ad hoc group of community stakeholders that want to see the old Rockaway Beach Branch right-of-way (ROW) used to expand rail transportation AND provide more parkland.  The immediate goal of the QRW is to work out a broad design for a subway connection under most of the 3.5-mile ROW with a park or whatever the local community desires on top.


What We Do

The QRW will be working both independently and with the MTA to ensure that their delayed feasibility study includes this combined approach, which should remove most barriers to construction.

The Borough of Queens and indeed all of New York City has one shot to work out the best use of this priceless asset.  That’s why the Coalition for QueensRail is reaching out to The Friends of QueensWay, The Trust for Public Land, local businesses, community organizations, government agencies and elected officials to work together for the common good.

For years Queens has been unable to come to a consensus as to how to use this valuable ROW.  Advocates on both sides have passionately made their case as to why a rail or park was more important, but clearly there will never be agreement one way or the other.  The only reasonable conclusion is to build both.  Thankfully this is not only possible, but the best possible way forward.

“The stakeholders we have talked to are excited about supporting this inclusive approach,” said Rick Horan, the Coalition for QueensRail’s Executive Director. “We are tired of fighting and realize that the best future use of the ROW depends on your own perspective,” he continued.  Now we just need to get The Friends of QueensWay and The Trust for Public Land onboard.

Meet the Team

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Rick Horan - Head Shot

Rick Horan


Director of QueensRail Corp.

Next Steps...

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